What’s the kindest thing I can do for myself right now? 
Kindness Bracelet Trio
As human beings, we often compare ourselves to others, which leads to isolation, alienation and misery; we often resist being human and do not want to admit our imperfections or vulnerability; and we regularly struggle to ask for help, judging ourselves to be weak if we do. We know that most people are significantly kinder to others that they are themselves”, which is why having a Kindness Bracelet resting on your wrist is a gentle and constant reminder to be kind to yourself and to give yourself what you need, as best you can in moments of difficulty.

The Kindness Bracelet cannot make these difficulties go away, but it can bring comfort in moments of suffering. It was lovingly created to inspire self-compassion in everyday life. The Kindness Bracelet is for the moment and the message is for life. We recommend you wear it not only to remind yourself of the importance of self-kindness and to be kind to yourself; but also to pay it forward, to pass it on whenever someone might need it.

We have enjoyed many magical moments where we have soothed a friend, a colleague or a stranger in difficulty. We have taken off our Kindness Bracelet and placed it on their wrist as an immediate gift to comfort them in their moment of suffering. We ask them to stay still in that moment of suffering until they can answer the question for themselves. Hopefully they will then give themselves what they need; their simple act of kindness. It may be as simple as choosing to sit down and rest, to get a soothing drink or to reach out to a friend.

With warmth and care,

Kathryn & Liz x

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