Compassionate Body - Starts 28 April 2019

Give your practice a regular boost!

Give your heart a regular lift!

Give your mind a regular re‘mind’er!

Give your body a regular recharge!

The number one problem our Kind Mind Grads share is their ability to remember to apply their MSC skills in moments of difficulty.  

The second problem is to find time to practice, to prioritise their practice and to remember to keep up their practice! 

The third problem is to remember they are not alone when things are tough.

You don’t expect your mobile phone to continue working without charging it up; so why do you expect your mind, body and heart to keep going without a loving or compassionate recharge? Just like your mobile, you too need recharging.  This Graduate programme serves to give all parts of you rejuvenation in an often draining world. When you become part of this group, you are plugging yourself back in to your own self-compassion power source, our common humanity and our compassionate community.

After consultation with Kind Mind Graduates and a variety of test runs, we are proud to announce the long-awaited launch of The Kind Mind Academy Graduate Online Support Programme.  

This Graduate programme is designed to help you remember!  It is structured to fit into your everyday life without placing an unrealistic demand on your time.  It is constructed so that you can connect wherever you are in the world and will not entail you having to travel long distances to meet up. 

This Graduate programme will provide the regular reminders you need to help keep your practice alive.  Finding the perfect balance of deepening your practice and juggling the demands of your often very busy life can be really tricky.  This monthly programme endeavours to support you with a light yet deep touch as you circumnavigate your way through the ups and downs of being human and all the messy bits and bobs we get tangled up in.

This year-long Graduate programme is designed to support all those who have successfully completed the Mindful Self-Compassion training in either the in-person 8 week, 5 day or online 10 week formats.

 This programme IS for you if 

♥   You want a regular monthly MSC boost!
♥   You want to deepen your MSC practice
♥   You want to refresh your MSC skills
♥   You want to further cultivate your compassionate voice
♥   You want to nurture yourself and your practice
♥   You want to revive your favourite practices
♥   You want to incorporate MSC into your everyday life more
♥   You want to be reminded how to meet the challenges with kindness
♥   You want to feel supported and connected with like-minded people
♥   You want to renew your Compassionate Choices
♥   You want to connect with others travelling the path of compassion
♥   You want to restore self-kindness into your everyday living
♥   You want to have fun, friendship and fulfilment!
♥   You want to be part of the Kind Mind Community
♥   You want to be part of something beautiful…

 This programme is NOT for you if 

♥   You have mastered your practice!
♥   You have mastered your life!
♥   You have mastered all your relationships including the one with yourself!
♥   You are unruffled by any difficulties that arise in your life…
♥   You stay cool as a cucumber when you make a mistake!
♥   You have fully befriended your inner critic…
♥   You are 100% living in alignment with your core values…

 During this programme you are invited to 

♥   Revisit Self-Compassion meditations
♥   Recharge your Mindful awareness
♥   Enrich your Soft-Landing practice
♥   Deepen your regular practice
♥   Explore personal challenges that arise each month
♥   Explore specific topics
♥   Increase your Present Moment Awareness
♥   Cultivate your Gratitude practice
♥   Encourage a Loving Connected Presence in your everyday life
♥   Nurture more celebration of yourself and your life
♥   Continue to nourish yourself with a kinder approach to difficult situations
♥   Develop your compassionate approach to difficult relationships
♥   Reconnect or make new connections with fellow Kind Minders
♥   Commit to a Compassionate Choice 


KMA Graduate Support Programme is open to ANY Graduate of Mindful Self-Compassion5 Day Intensive or 8 Week Programme – with ANY MSC facilitator around the world.

All you need is access to a smart device (computer, laptop, tablet or phone), a good internet connection and create a (free) Zoom account.

 The details 

We will meet online on the last Sunday of each month, for two hours.  Starting at 7pm GMT (London, UK time).

2020 Schedule – UK Time 7pm: 

♥   Sunday 26 January
♥   Sunday 23 February
♥   Sunday 29 March
♥   Sunday 26 April
♥   Sunday 31 May
♥   Sunday 28 June
♥   Sunday 26 July
♥   Sunday 30 August
♥   Sunday 27 September
♥   Sunday 25 October
♥   Sunday 29 November
♥   Sunday 27 December

and beyond….into 2021


£ 30 per month 


£24 per month  (billed as £288 for annual membership – 12 sessions)

Thank you.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. We will be more than happy to answer your queries as best we can ♥

Scholarship Application

Seeing ourselves as an important project worthy of time, love and care is important. Our MSC Grads have never regretted making this investment in themselves.

We really don’t want price to be a barrier to people accessing the programme.

We are able to offer a number of scholarship places.  If you would like to apply for one of these places please do so.  We are happy to help wherever we can!